Dance Fitness- Adult dance cardio fun!!!

Sweat and dance at the same time!

New 2020-2021 Schedule Starting September 8th . Register Now!!!

2-3 yr old Creative dance- We have fun with music, hula hoops, scarves, and tumbling.

 Ages 3-8 Tap, Jazz, Ballet classes. We will incorporate all  3 into the one hour, with ballet at the barre, ballet positions,  jazz leaps and basic jazz movements. Tap sounds, tap rhythms and across the floor, end with mats for tumbling, and trampoline.

Jazz- Kicks, leaps, turn, isolations, stretching,strengthening, across the floor, floor combinations, and technique. High energy class!

Ballet- Technique, body placement, positions, barre work, center work, vocabulary, ballet leaps and turns.

Lyrical- Feeling of movement and music, emotion and how to use your body.

Hip Hop- Isolations, funky movements, and high energy!

Tap- getting to know the tap shoe what makes the different sounds, how to make the sounds, rhythm, precicion, technique, floor work and across the floor combinations.

4:45-5:55pm     Dance co 2(INVITE ONLY)


6:00-6:35pm    7-10 yr old Hip Hop​(FULL)


6:45-7:30pm    Teen  Hip Hop(2 spots left)


4:15-4:55pm      4-5yr olds  Tap, Jazz, Ballet (FULL)

5:00-5:55pm     6-7 yr olds Tap, Jazz, Ballet (3 spots left)


6:00-6:55pm     8-10 yr olds Tap, Jazz, Ballet (3 spots left)




4:25-4:55pm      2-3 yr olds Tap, Jazz, Ballet - $45.00 a month


5:00-5:45pm     11 and up gymnastics (FULL)


5:00-5:55pm     7-10 yr old Ballet/Lyrical

6:00-6:45pm      7 and up Gymnastics (FULL)


6:00-7:30pm      Dance Co 1(INVITE ONLY) 




4:15-5:10pm       Teen Tap/Jazz

5:00-6:55pm      Senior Competition


7:00-7:45pm      Dance Fitness 




4:30-5:25pm      11 and up Ballet/Lyrical


5:30-7:30pm      Junior Competition 



8:30 -9:15am       Dance Fitness





One class a week is $55.00 a month.

A month is considered 4 weeks, payment is the same whether there is 3 or 5 weeks of dance.
Any extra class is $10.00 per class.
Siblings and parents can dance one class a week for $15.00 a month.

Forms of Payment: Cash, Check, Debit/credit and online.
There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.

Tuition is due by the start of class each month. 
Tuition is DUE by the 10th of the month. Payments made after the 10th of each month receive a late fee of $15.00. 
Tuition checks will not be accepted unless the late fee is added onto the tuition total. 

 Dancer's will not be able to participate in the annual show's or rehearsals if tuition and costumes are not paid in full. 


Please check the website and facebook page for weather cancellations. Cancellations will be posted by 3pm.

Now if you refer any friends and they register with us you will get a $10.00 credit towards your account, per friend!