Dress Code

1.  All students must have proper dance attire for each class. 

ALL ballet/lyrical classes ages 7 and up-  leotard and  tights, ballet shoes any color, lyrical shoes or both.  

 Girls ages 2-10 yr olds tap, jazz, ballet classes – leotards and tights any color or style, dance skirts, shorts or

pants are acceptable. Tap shoes any color, ballet shoes any color, or jazz shoes any color.

 Girls ages 11 and up tap and jazz, and Dance Companies-  leotards, sports bra, dance tank tops, ballet skirt ,dance pants, dance shorts or tights may be worn. Tap shoes, jazz shoes any color.

 Boys in ALL classes-dance pants or sweatpants,  t shirt. 
Hip Hop- sweatpants, dance pants, shorts, tee shirt, leotard, is all acceptable. Jazz shoes, or clean sneakers.

 Adult Dance Classes tap and jazz/dance Fitness- sweat pants, dance/yoga pants t shirts.

Hair Requirements

Dancers need to have hair pulled back as to not distract during class.

General Studio Rules for Students

1. Gum and candy are not allowed during class.
2. Profanity is unacceptable.
3. Cell phones should be turned off before class begins and can not be used during class.
4. Please be on time.  If a student is going to be more than 15 min late, the student will not be permitted to participate due to missed warm up time.  The student will be welcome to come in to class to watch.

For Parents

1. Please arrive on time for class and arrive on time to pick your child/children up at the end of class.
2. Students will not be permitted to wait outside of the studio.
3.  Please do not enter the studio once class has started and the door is closed.
4.  Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting area during class. Please keep waiting room noise to a minimum.
5.  Please do not enter the office area.  This is for staff only.